Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So these wreaths are all over the web, i got my idea off that cute little site called Pinterest, LOVE that place and i love the ideas i get from it. This is my 4th July wreath, it actually isn't really done, I'm looking for that perfect embellishment to attach to it and when i find that piece i will never know. I would like a nice brass star to go in the middle but that's becoming hard to find. I may need to make something my self here soon, July is a few months away. So let's get down to how i made this :)

So as you can see closely it's all fabric. It's cut into strips and just tied in knots.  You can use any length and thickness in the fabric you wish, i believe mine were 6 inches by 1 inch. It is a timely process so stick on a movie and just knot away :)  here is what you will need...

A metal wreath, i got mine from Michael's, This is the larger one.
Tons of fabric
A movie, well to watch of coarse while you trying to pass time while knotting away

And here is a close up of the metal wreath part so you know what to look for.
Your basically going to fill all those rings with fabric until it is big and puffy and you can't see any of the metal.
Hope you liked my wreath. I have plenty of more to make and i can't wait to share with you :) stay tuned for more.

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