Friday, April 20, 2012

Hey followers,
Just wanted to share a little box i made using the Art Philosophy cartridge for the Cricut. Super cute, super simple and perfect for a gift for a loved one.
I used the Footloose Paper pack from Close To My Heart, a Stamp from the 4 My Friend stamp collection and a few of the gems from the greens and blues collection.
I just wanted to share to show anyone who might be following a quick idea on how to decorate the boxes you can get off the AP cart.
Hope you liked my box, and please check back for more of my crafts :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

SO, i got this adorable idea from my Upline Mandy. You have GOT to check out her blog, she has some of the most amazing stuff to show off, i only wish i was half as talented as she is. So go check out and you will know exactly what i'm talking about.
Now my twins have TONS of bows, and they all sit in a drawer and i got tired of trying to find matching pairs. I was trying to find a way to make something for their bows so i went to Michael's and got a piece of wood to do something similar to what i did to this frame, but it required painting and all kinds of stuff. Mandy shared this idea with me and hubby and i LOVED it so i made one and this is how it came out.

 So here is my twins bow holder. Now mine is no where near as cute as hers, but i was just starting out so i did a simple basic one.
The things you will need:
A frame, and size of your choice.
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks to go in the glue gun
A yard of ribbon of your choice
Assorted colours of paper of your choice
A picture of your cute little ones or maybe make a name instead to go in the center
A ruler
scissors or a personal cutter
a pencil

Now i don't have step by step pictures of how i did this, kind of wish i had done so because i would have loved to share, but as you can see from the picture it's SUPER simple and fun.

The ribbon is just hot glued to the back of the frame once everything is inside and placed how you like. Then you just tie a pretty bow. Be sure to hot glue the top of the ribbon once tied, this needs to be able to hold the heavy frame, Just the bow and nothing more may cause the bow to come undone. I just hot glued the back of the ribbon once tied where no one would see just to make sure it stayed. It basically holds the bow in place as you can see below.

I then cut 3 strips of fabric and glued them to the back of the frame for where the bows will clip onto. You can do as many strips as you like and as long as you like depending on the amount of bows and clips you have. I actually ran out of room so i may need to make another one of these frames for the rest.
Who knew twin girls could have so many hair bows eh?

Now don't forget to go and check out Mandy's blog where i got this cute idea from. This is her idea and i'm taking zero credit for it at all....ok wait i take credit for those cute little twins girls in the picture but thats about it lol.
Stop on by her page, tell her i sent yah and go check out her blog. You never know you might win some free stuff :)
Hope you enjoy.
So these wreaths are all over the web, i got my idea off that cute little site called Pinterest, LOVE that place and i love the ideas i get from it. This is my 4th July wreath, it actually isn't really done, I'm looking for that perfect embellishment to attach to it and when i find that piece i will never know. I would like a nice brass star to go in the middle but that's becoming hard to find. I may need to make something my self here soon, July is a few months away. So let's get down to how i made this :)

So as you can see closely it's all fabric. It's cut into strips and just tied in knots.  You can use any length and thickness in the fabric you wish, i believe mine were 6 inches by 1 inch. It is a timely process so stick on a movie and just knot away :)  here is what you will need...

A metal wreath, i got mine from Michael's, This is the larger one.
Tons of fabric
A movie, well to watch of coarse while you trying to pass time while knotting away

And here is a close up of the metal wreath part so you know what to look for.
Your basically going to fill all those rings with fabric until it is big and puffy and you can't see any of the metal.
Hope you liked my wreath. I have plenty of more to make and i can't wait to share with you :) stay tuned for more.
So i got my Close To My Heart start kit in the mail and i just HAD to create something once i got to the swing of things. So because i signed up in the month of March i got the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge as an added bonus. I LOVE this cartridge!!!
Above is a 3-D box that is called a pillow box, now i didn't use Close to My Products for this one except the flower you see and the pillow box it's self is off the Art Philosophy cartridge, OH and the little pink stamp that came in my starter kit. This one is actually going to my daughters with some little goodies inside and they LOVE zebra.

This is a close up of the 3-D flower off the Art Philosophy cartride, isn't it ADORABLE!, and this is just oen of the many 3-D flowers you can create. The little stamp is just one of many that came in my starter kit, but i thought this one fit well for what i was making here.

I also gave this pillow box a little bling seen as all little girls love bling and sparkle right? :) These are just some stick on gems i got some from either walmart or Michael's out of a Dollar bin. Super simple and super cute and they are adorable on any craft your creating.
Over all this box took me about 2 hours to make, why so long you ask...hehehe, Well i just wasn't sure where this project was going, plus i had to watch a video to figure out how to put the box together lol!, now that i know i'm sure i could make one in less than an hour :)
Hope you enjoyed my pillow box, can't wait to see yours!